7 - Quilt for baby Thea

It's not her nursery quilt but you know I finished a quilt for baby Thea finally.  It's my second finish of the year.  The top is composed of scraps mostly 2.5" squares - these pieces were tooooo small in my opinion as I needed way more just to make a baby quilt.  The quilt is not exactly square either as I need a new cutting mat Jonesy has been using my large one for his crafts and it's got a whole new funk to it now.  The quilting is completely random and someplace in there I signed it but I also put a tag on the quilt for her.  
The quilt has super good pucker too it and Jonesy has already tried to take it as it's similar to his favorite quilt. 
The back is just one solid rainbow print from my stash I actually had 5 to chose from but I like this option. 
And here's a close up of the tag. I hand stitch my name on a scrap of fabric.  I think moving forward I will try and use a stiff fabric and maybe embroidery floss but I was in a hurry.

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thea said...

Very nice! You've been quite productive this year. How do you do it?