California - San Jose

We also ventured around San Jose while in California.  We took the kids to spots I visited before like monopoly but also to Google which I hadn't been to.  Jones actually enjoyed Google but it was hair too hot for him when we went out the other day although he did enjoy getting a slushie on the way home.
Overall I would say that traveling with two babies you have to lower your expectations and see less things.  You also must 
1. Bring two sets extra clothes
2. Have extra snacks
3. Have two cups or water for moments when your kid spills.
4. Also loosen up on your strict no screen policy so your toddler doesn't make you nutso.  
Anyhow we had a great trip to was great to see Robins wedding and to visit with family and we can't wait to come back.

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thea said...

how do you find all those great things?