Theaburf 6 months

Little Bird -
We have had you know for half a year.Seems like it went to fast but so slow.  
You watch me like a hawk girl.  
If I leave the room you attempt to follow me crawling.
You reach for me most times.
You say "mamama" often and we are starting to think you are actually talking to me.
You coo and laugh a lot.
You explore the living room crawling like a champ we are trying to keep you out of the kitchen.
You sit up like a boss and love it.
You love your Jonesy and will often touch him when he's close by.
You watch him in awe as he talks to you or shows you things.
You are right around 12.5-13lbs.  
You eat mommys milk, formula, baby cereal, avocado, squash and green beans.
When you eat you are in a hurry to get more and enjoy it to much you want more when it's gone.
You seem to enjoy school but are eager for jones and mommy to get you at the end of the day.  
Your daddy painted your toenails and you seem to look at them and appreciate.
You grab daddies beard when he gets you as if to say "hello".
You explore with your eyes, hands, and mouth.
You like to bounce when you are excited. 
Your hair is starting to grow a little you have like 5 long blonde strands.
You still like to nurse although because pumping is such a challenge we are likely to phase it out soon.
Your starting to get teeth.
When you play on the floor you like to move your toy back and forth back and forth to get a good noise from the hardwoods.
You still are not a fan of strangers but some people you seem to just know from the start.
Oh girl we love you so.
Love Mommy

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