30 - Make and Eat Salad 3:10 avocado egg salad

So I don't like mayo or mustard so I dislike egg salad so I thought why not try and make it myself with something else.  And boom it was successful and yummy.
So here's my salad:
3 chopped hard boiled eggs only one yolk (I removed the yolk of two for less cholesterol)
3 tablespoons guacamole (I used leftovers but it could have been made)
Salt and Pepper
Instructions mix 
Yep that's it.
I didn't have bread so I put it on a bagel. It was more than enough for two sandwiches.  And I rather enjoyed the mix.  Our Guac had salsa and cilantro and lime in it and I think that made it more interesting.

45- Her Baby Book

On my list this year is make Thea a baby book.  I want to try and write down more stories.  So far I have a handful of them. But I am up to three months in Theas baby book.  I bought her a gold album 6x8 and some gold embellishments and I cranked out a bunch of pages. 

Jonesy 26 months

Jonesy - 
Twenty-six months is so fun. 
You are figuring stuff out - opening the fridge, getting on the counters, flushing the toliet, plugs etc.  
You are loving the swimming pool, baseball and bikes. 
You sometimes call me "Honey Mommy" You ask for something "right now".
You are remembering things so good like Saturday's are for fun.
You fuss about everything and nothing at the same time.  
You throw fits about everything and nothing.
You have opinions on what's for dinner, where we go when going out, and which way we should drive.
You tell Thea what's happening.
You are so talkative saying sentences and questions and having whole conversations.
You sing songs.  Happy birthday might be your favorite.
You jump so good and are starting to skip.
You count 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,7,8...
You call a stool a ladder and a quilt a mini. 
You sometimes give me "smooshy face" and then kiss me.
You tell me you lub me.
We read all kinds of books - I am thinking we might borrow some from the library soon.  
We talk about your day.
We play "I spy"and look for school buses.
We run thru hallways.
We snuggle.
We wrestle and practice summersaults.
We cook together.
You are such a joyous and happy boy.
Love you much Jonesy


Theaburf 6 months

Little Bird -
We have had you know for half a year.Seems like it went to fast but so slow.  
You watch me like a hawk girl.  
If I leave the room you attempt to follow me crawling.
You reach for me most times.
You say "mamama" often and we are starting to think you are actually talking to me.
You coo and laugh a lot.
You explore the living room crawling like a champ we are trying to keep you out of the kitchen.
You sit up like a boss and love it.
You love your Jonesy and will often touch him when he's close by.
You watch him in awe as he talks to you or shows you things.
You are right around 12.5-13lbs.  
You eat mommys milk, formula, baby cereal, avocado, squash and green beans.
When you eat you are in a hurry to get more and enjoy it to much you want more when it's gone.
You seem to enjoy school but are eager for jones and mommy to get you at the end of the day.  
Your daddy painted your toenails and you seem to look at them and appreciate.
You grab daddies beard when he gets you as if to say "hello".
You explore with your eyes, hands, and mouth.
You like to bounce when you are excited. 
Your hair is starting to grow a little you have like 5 long blonde strands.
You still like to nurse although because pumping is such a challenge we are likely to phase it out soon.
Your starting to get teeth.
When you play on the floor you like to move your toy back and forth back and forth to get a good noise from the hardwoods.
You still are not a fan of strangers but some people you seem to just know from the start.
Oh girl we love you so.
Love Mommy


7 - Quilt for baby Thea

It's not her nursery quilt but you know I finished a quilt for baby Thea finally.  It's my second finish of the year.  The top is composed of scraps mostly 2.5" squares - these pieces were tooooo small in my opinion as I needed way more just to make a baby quilt.  The quilt is not exactly square either as I need a new cutting mat Jonesy has been using my large one for his crafts and it's got a whole new funk to it now.  The quilting is completely random and someplace in there I signed it but I also put a tag on the quilt for her.  
The quilt has super good pucker too it and Jonesy has already tried to take it as it's similar to his favorite quilt. 
The back is just one solid rainbow print from my stash I actually had 5 to chose from but I like this option. 
And here's a close up of the tag. I hand stitch my name on a scrap of fabric.  I think moving forward I will try and use a stiff fabric and maybe embroidery floss but I was in a hurry.


Conversations with my Toddler

Just wanted to share this little conversation this morning.  
Walking to the car...
"Mommy it is doggy today?" - J
"Huh what?" - me 
"Doggy it's doggy.  In my hair too?" - J
"Oh foggy? Yes it's foggy" - me
"Ya doggy. It got my hair mommy." - J 
"It happens buddy." - me 
"It happen mommy." - J 
(referring to how the fog and humidity was curling his hair.) 


California - San Jose

We also ventured around San Jose while in California.  We took the kids to spots I visited before like monopoly but also to Google which I hadn't been to.  Jones actually enjoyed Google but it was hair too hot for him when we went out the other day although he did enjoy getting a slushie on the way home.
Overall I would say that traveling with two babies you have to lower your expectations and see less things.  You also must 
1. Bring two sets extra clothes
2. Have extra snacks
3. Have two cups or water for moments when your kid spills.
4. Also loosen up on your strict no screen policy so your toddler doesn't make you nutso.  
Anyhow we had a great trip to was great to see Robins wedding and to visit with family and we can't wait to come back.


Jonesburf - 25 months

This month has been of highs and lows a little lull in between.  Photos taken at a wall inside Traders Point Church.  I saw it and I just decided to snap pictures and jones complied for a minute anyhow.
Dear Jonesy -
This month we hit some of the terrible twos.  And I must admit I cannot stand the whiny boy.  But boy if you are tired, hungry or just dead set on something the whiny kid shows up.  But then 10 minutes later my sweet boy is back.  It is such a challenge, especially as your sister has issues sleeping and only wants to nurse with mommy.
You are such a little talker, we converse about everything.  
You remember everything too.  
We talk about being brave and not crying at school.  And you remember to tell me if you were brave and didn't cry.
We talk about what color things are.
And where is daddy, Thea, grandma, or anyone not in the room.
You started at your new school and you are said Miss Charmaine is not there but you are fond of Miss Ashley your new teacher. 
You are in the panda room and working on potty training.
You don't like getting dropped off and ask the teachers 100 times where's mommy where's daddy and usually you answer the question for them.
You also like to ask if you can stay home and miss Kari can come over (we wish buddy we wish).
You discovered you like raisins and we like to use them like a treat.
You run, jump, climb and do summersaults. 
You love to wrestle in the living room and will often drag out all the pillows and the blankets to set up a mat.
You love Thea.
You often tell her it's okay she doesn't need to cry.
You try and give her a bottle or a blanket. 
You offer her snacks and tell mommy that she wants baby cereal when you think she's hungry.
You sometimes are so shy but other times you run right up to people and hold their hand or ask to sit on their lap.
You are such a joy my little Jonesy.
Love mommy


Theaburf 5 months

Hey Thea girl -
I think we finally hit our strides except maybe with sleep.  
You are crying less.  
You are army crawling.
You roll like a champ.
You can make your activity table go round and round.
You are pulling up on things (oh no).
This month you are now 12 lbs.  back on the chart.

We did start introducing formula once or twice a day.
You eat baby cereal and avacodo and banana now too.
You mostly just prefer mommys milk though.
You like to play with toys.  Especially whatever jones gives you.  
You laugh and smile if I just talk non sense to you.  
You like to pull daddy's beard.
You like to touch jones hair.
You like to put your fingers in our mouths too.
In July you started your first school.
It's actually very easy to drop you off easier than Jonesy.
You suck your bottom lip and like to give us these toothless smiles it's so cute.
You watch what Jonesy is doing.
You like going places and being outside.
You dislike your baby seat and would prefer to be carried.  So much that you arch your back when we put you in.
Oh little bird we love you so.
Love you much!