Christmas ornament crafts 2016

This year we made salt dough ornaments.  Originally I was going to make cute santa from their hand prints but then I realized jones paint skills weren't really up to intricate details on santa.  (He can paint in a shape but not so good yet at making actually recognizable things).
So we just painted the hand prints (Thea even helped paint). We did do little snowman ornaments as well - where jones pressed circles into the dough and he painted them but then I did the faces. (Somehow I failed on getting a photo of the finished hands and feet but you can get the idea from the ones Thea is painting).
And melted bead ornaments were total fails - jones loved putting beads into the ornaments, but they didn't come out and when they did they were super wonky.  I only gave out like 4 of the best ones because they were terrible.
Anyhow this years craft project was fun for jones but maybe not the best two year old craft. 

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