Jones 30 months

I am always behind posting these.  We are approaching 31 months and I am just getting to 30.  
Dear Jonesy -
I feel like daily you get smarter and remember more.
You are holding strong at 31 lbs.  
But you are getting taller.
Daily you tell me you luv me.  
You loved Christmas.  
You wish it was still Christmas. 
You ask lots of questions.
We have big conversations. 
You notice things.
You like to tell me which way to drive if say you want to go to Target or Walgreens.
You like to build with Legos and cook in your little kitchen.
You enjoy playing with your people and building choo choo trains.
You like to take photos. 
You have started to say "mom take my picture of this".
You ask me about Thea.
"Where is she?  What's she doing? Can we get her?"
You love the music set from Christmas.
You continue to prefer eating proteins and fruit as your favorite.
Oh you say "that's my favorite mom." Your favorite cereal, your favorite book, your favorite toy. 
You adore school buses and wish to ride then. 
You pull up a chair and help me cook. 
You like to mimic me.  
You red books from memory. 
You are growing up so fast. 
Love mommy

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thea said...

Wonderful list and pictures.