The 2017 List

Here's my 2017 list it's shy a few items but I couldn't think of anything I really wanted to add so I left it blank.  I may add a few more later and I may not.  I will be back soon to recap last years list and share highlights of 2016.  

1. One Second Everyday

2. Take the kids to Tarkington Park

3. Make Halloween costumes

4. Visit JJ

5. Take a road Trip

6. Make Baby Bows

7. swimming Lessons

8. get jones potty trained 

9. Throw Thea first birthday party

10. Throw Jones third birthday party

11. Make do quilt

12. Block of Month Quilt

13. Half square triangle scrappy quilt

14. flying geese quilt

15. Finish heart quilt

16. Finish improv quilt

17. Finish baby Randy's quilt

18. Cartoon a day (tracker)

19. 8 glasses of water a day (tracker)

20. Buy new glasses

21. Art journal

22. Balloons at state fair

23. Reconnect with 2 old Friends

24. Work on finishing the baby books

25. Paint Master Bedroom.

26. Update the back bathroom.

27. Trip to the zoo. 

28. Nature walk with kids. 

29. Check out library books with Jones.

30. Use pottery Groupon with Kathleen. 

31. Make tortillas 

32. Diversify dinners.

33. Summer event under the Sails.

34. Attend Big Car Event

35. Get two new pairs of jeans. 

36. Add two new winter tops to wardrobe.

37. Get rid of the clothes not wore once in 18 months.

38. Jones sleepover with grandma and Lita

39. Take babies to parade.

40. Buy new tennis shoes.

41. Wash siding in front. 

42. Clear off Theas dresser.  

43. Paint Jones's lockers

44. Add new photos to photo wall.

45. Send JJ art.

46. Make new list.

1 comment:

thea said...

great list -- like the idea of getting rid of things that haven't been worn for 18 months.. good goal. You always have such great ideas.