Theaburf - 10 months

Lady baby -
Hello 10 months!
You walk now girl not all the time but you are taking about 5-10 steps unassisted.
You are 18 lbs.  
You love being bounced.
You dance when you hear music.
You eat anything we put in front of you. 
You perfect baby Cheetos, Blueberries, pizza, and beans.
You like shoes (although maybe not so much wearing them).
You can give kisses.
You wave hello and goodbye.
You shake your head yes and no.
You growl when you want something.
You typically like to follow jones when playing.
You like toys that make sounds and often play drums on toys that aren't drums.  
You drink from cups.
You are a little intimidated by people you don't know.  
Your hair is growing its still very wispy.
Love you so.

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thea said...

Happy 10 months! I hope y'all had a great Christmas. We need to catch up.