Just being lazy...

taking a little time tonight to just be lazy. And so I've been surfing the net here, here, and here are some fun things I saw and some more here and a little more here. And another one right here and check out these cool sewing projects here . And sometime I want to aspire to have a project to share every day in a month like this one here. And here we have a challenge to celebrate some moms. I "heart" mom.

And for those of you who aren't crafty. Here we have some other fun site. And just a few more here and yes here.

Tomorrow I'm working at the Mini Marathon giving out water several of my friends are running, and then I'm off to drop off my old washer for Joe and maybe take mom out for some Phan Shin - Nothing says happy Cinco De Mayo like chinese food ;). Sunday I have to back as I'm back on the road come Monday.

Happy Friday.

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