Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons why I love me some Kim Shrum

Today is my friend Kim's birthday. So wanted to make my list in honor of her. Happy Birthday Kim!

"10 Reasons why I love me some Kim Shrum"
  1. She's not usually on time. And so she doesn't notice when I'm late! :D
  2. We can stay up all night scrapping.
  3. We can stay up all night chatting. ;)
  4. Because she's super sweet!
  5. She's always brings me fun presents.
  6. She's a fabulous lunch date.
  7. She loves a fun road trip! (Who else will go 4 hours with me to see some Corncrete among other things).
  8. Because she shares her Cropadile with me for months.
  9. She knows how to have a good time.
  10. Because everyone should have a few friends like her! (Try not to be jealous).
Happy Birthday Kim! Sorry your gift will be late this work thing is really slowing me down.


Shadey J said...

LOL!! Love it! :)

Kim said...

Awwwwww...you are so stinkin' sweet, you made me cry!!! Love ya, KatieJ! I'm so glad we are friends!!!!!!!


Pam said...

That is to fun! Hope you had a great day Kimmers!

rmeyfe said...

Well Ian would go to the end of the earth with you to see some concrete! Great list!!