Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Loved about Arizona

Well since I'm back now and back on Indiana time. I thought I would make my Tuesday List about my Trip. Since I already told you about the heat I guess I'll do things I loved.

10 Things I Loved about Arizona:
  1. Cactus's - These are too cool much better in Arizona than the others I've seen elsewhere.
  2. The Resort - Beautiful place by far the nicest place I stayed despite being in the handicapped room.
  3. Free Condo's
  4. Seeing my co-workers - I miss them already!
  5. Hanging out with Dawn and Kailee - You guys are too cute!
  6. Mountain, Mountains, and More Mountains
  7. Old Town Scottsdale - How cute is this place
  8. Art Everywhere - it's on the fences, almost every street corner - very cool stuff.
  9. Pinnacle Peak Patio - Neat restaurant don't wear a tie there.
  10. Seeing and Experiencing new things.

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