10 Highlights from the Weekend - Tuesday 10

Here's my list this week.

10 Highlights from this weekend:
  1. Tammy's new technique - Butt-Stamping what a hoot.
  2. Drinks and Chocolate Nachos at Cheeseburgers.
  3. 2 or was it 3 am run to Speedway for hot dogs and slurpies.
  4. The horrid stench in the hallway - man was that ever gross.
  5. The look on Stephanie's husbands face when I was telling my "underwear" story.
  6. Deb telling Glenna she was a lush. Poor Glenna gets a bad rap for nothing.
  7. The A-1 Sauce Experiment
  8. Jay's 19 phone calls during lunch you think he would remember what I say.
  9. Coming from behind in the Page Challenge game who would have thought Stacy would beat me.
  10. Hanging out with some of my BFFs - Jeanne, Kim, Glenna, Mimi, Janelle, Tammy, Dawn, Mandi, Stephanie, Jen, and anyone I might have forgotten.


Shadey J said...

I'm laughing all over again! Thanks for funtimes BFF! :)

Kim said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you! Thanks for always being my "stay-up-all-night" buddy...even though I sometimes fall asleep at the table!

Janelle said...

I was so glad I got to see you all last weekend! So fun... wish it didn't go by so fast, though!