Do you think it's possible???

I'm walking around with some kind of weird electronic charge?

In addition to having some kind of weird hiccups and some kind of weird static when I touch things. In the last day I have touched or used the following electronic devices and I've crashed, locked up, just died or jammed all of them -
  • My laptop - crashed (it's really dead this time)
  • My Cell Phone - died (luckily I found a new battery unfortunately I now can only talk on it while holding it above my head as no place I go I have a reception except above my head)
  • My iPod - Froze up I didn't even do anything but want to skip a song.
  • The Baggage Tag Printer (3 of them in fact) - Jammed up
  • One small commuter jet - Technical problems back to the airport luckily we were able to get another plane.
Yes all of this in a single day. Is this a weird freak coincidence or is there really something bizarre behind this?

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