Greetings from Team Meeting's in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix and MAN is in HOTT! something like 105 degrees you can fry an egg on the pavement literally and let me tell you whoever said that it's dry heat so it's cooler clearly doesn't walk around in the sun when it's this hot. I've showered and been in my air conditioned room for an hour and a half and I'm still a bit warm (probably my sunburn).

Anyhow we got in early today YAY - Southwest Airlines You Rock! And then we headed to my boss and a few other co-workers first hotel, we picked them up and got some breakfast which was really lunch (for those of us from the eastern timezone). Then we headed to the Palms Resort (near Camelback Mountain) very nice place although with my travel cruse wouldn't you know I'm in the handicapped room which has this odd set-up. Anyhow after that we hit old town Scottsdale (SUPER CUTE). We got some lunch - Tracy and I are going back tomorrow for some shopping too. Then we went to the zoo. Boy was that hot. the one animal I wanted to see (thanks to Tory's recommendation was a javalina and wouldn't you know I missed it. Oh well I googled it. That's just as good. Now we are back at the resort and chilling before our team dinner.

Here's a few photos from our journeys (if you can't tell I was assigned Al as my KES partner for our team activity tomorrow thus why he's in a bunch of photos I need to do a presentation on him. Sorry no captions I gotta run to the drug store for Jill before dinner.

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