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JJ and I went someplace "new" today Alexandria, VA. It's got the cutest little strip of shops and restaurant I wish they were still open. But I did get to see some of the sites here's a few of the hightlights of our adventute.

The steeple at the old courthouse.

Here we have JJ and I with a celebrity colonial (FYI he's like on the cover of the Alexandria Times or something. I almost went back and got his autograph.

A Lion Door knocker. How fun is this??
This is the view from our dinner table. We ate on the cutest little porch just big enough for one table. Too bad the food was so-so. And yes my favorite photo. Here I am mailing Jeanne her check that's been riding around in my purse for far too long. Note how stinkin' cool that mailbox is.

Tomorrow even more fun will be had as I'm going off to see Pam!


rmeyfe said...

OMG an R2D2 mail box!! How cool!!

Kim said...

Looks like a fun trip! Cool knocker (just thought that would be fun to say...too bad there weren't two lion knockers! LOL)