Off to Phoenix

Well I'm off to Phoenix in a few days. I can't wait! I'm staying an extra day to have fun and not just work. If you know what I can do while I'm there let me know. My co-worker who's condo we are using just wants to hang by the pool clearly that's not an option.

I also need to make some kind of decision on what kind of car we are going to trade the Grand Am for at this point I'm not sure I can make a decision as anything sounds better than Sam (that's my Grand Am). Jay's front runner is the car we have this week a Buick Rendezvous which drives like a mini van (which I never thought I would say but I like it. I think I'm still leaning toward the Highlander or the Vue but I like the price of the Rendezvous and there are other perks to it as well. Perhaps I'll flip a coin.

BTW sorry no Tuesday 10 I worked until 8 last night and then completely forgot to do it. Have a great Wednesday!

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