Tuesday 10 - 10 Exciting Things This Week!

Lots of fun stuff happening this week! And I'm going to love every minute of it. Here's this week's list.

  1. Having lunch with my pals Doug, Diane and Sasha! I haven't seen these people since Christmas.
  2. Pink Retreats!
  3. Acquisition at work final (oh goodie here we go again).
  4. Pink Retreats!
  5. Prelude to the Dream - we are still only 75% about if we will go but I think Jay wants to.
  6. Pink Retreats!
  7. I'm off Wed-Thur-Friday! Sweetness!
  8. Pink Retreats!
  9. Seeing my Scrapbook Friends.
  10. Hey did I mention Pink Retreats!
I'm sure there's something else going on too but I thought I'd mention the Pink Retreats! :D

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Shadey J said...


OMG.... I just realized what you are talking about when you said Prelude to a Dream!!! Damn it... I want to go! Are you going to the actual race???