Tuesday 10 - 10 Things U Might Have Missed at the Pink Retreat

This is sort of a little ode to our great weekend retreat - Katie H I told you I would tell you about it. I miss you gals already - I can't wait to see you soon!
  1. Joy riding in the woods. Yes we broke that foot bridge I swear I didn't see it coming up Marilyn.
  2. Forgetting to end my transaction and get my receipt at the gas station. I was far too excited to get back in the car with Marianne and Natalia (they are too sweet).
  3. Late Night Gorillapod photographs - I'm sure you early sleepers wished you hadn't missed this. - Karen and I even made some photos worthy for Janelle's Birthday present.
  4. Paul coming in while "Do you think I'm Sexy" was playing on the radio.
  5. Pam or was it Barb asking me if I knew the "Stroke it" which I think might have been playing when Paul came back later too! :S
  6. Laurie being all cute and embarrassed when she first met us all.
  7. Mis-Adventures of Paws the Bear and Floppy the Bear. (Karen I think we could have taken 9 million photos - Jeanne I can't wait to see her again).
  8. Attempting to use Mimi's Cuttlebug I'm not kidding when I say it took me 10 minutes just to attempt to emboss with this.
  9. Using Karen's Page kits this women is far too organized. If I planned this far ahead I think I would have done 200 pages not 21 in a weekend.
  10. Kim, Jeanne and I taking a time out for some BFF photo opps.
It was a whole lotta fun ladies - I think I could have went on and on with my list but I gotta save something for my 30 days journal!


Kim said...

I had a blast!!! Wish it was like that every weekend!!!!

Anonymous said...

You and Kim are the bestest planners/hostessess EVER! Smooches!