25 for the 25

Here's a little list of 25 things on the 25th.

1. I broke my sewing machine yesterday Sad now I can't finish my brothers birthday present.
2. I LOVE to travel
3. I have 3 gold fish who need to have their water cleaned
4. I like to take naps
5. My house is a wreck
6. I need to have my carpets cleaned
7. Most of my summer clothes don't fit unforunately I don't want to buy new ones so if my pants are falling down you know why.
8. I am working on another list of things I want to do before I'm 30
9. I need to get my glasses fixed (the rims are bent note don't leave them on the floor)
10. I got new sheets
11. I should probably get new bedding that matches my new sheets
12. I can't though I don't want to part with my old comforter
13. I heart nighttime soaps
14. I am so sad most of my favorites have been canceled
15. It's almost my birthday
16. I am taking bets of if Jay makes my birthday cupcakes
17. I am giving him 40% shot
18. I bought him all the supplies to make it easier
19. I don't want to work today
20. I am working from home so that makes it nicer
21. I need to catch up on my 30 day journal
22. I can't wait for my new purse to arrive from etsy
23. I am having trouble thinking of more things
24. My Project Manager just emailed me with a new special assignment
25. I think I will stop making lists now and try to focus on work


rmeyfe said...

LOL!! I love reading your lists!!

Kim said...

KatieJ...you are the ultimate list maker! This was fun to read!!!