I love me some Esty!

Here's a few recent finds I saw I can't decide what I need though.

I don't know why but I love these little animal things from Little Odd Forest especially the love owls. I also think like these purses by Bliss by Heather JJ helped me pick out the ones I need (I'm sure that's what every brother wants to do NOT - thanks JJ). And how cute is this crocheted dog?
How about these cute musical notecards. How about some organic tees or other fun items from this store I see Bread People is too funny! Or little Theo I wonder if I can make him. Fun stationary from Blossom Creations too!

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Dawn said...

CUTE bags!

Katie, the ones I've been making see to be pretty durable. The first day I had mine out, Jason spilled a grape soda in it. So far, all I've had to do to it (and I'm NOT babying it!) was clean up the soda and retie a couple ribbons.