10 Things I want to Hang/Attach/Tie my Gorillapod to:

I can't wait to get my Gorillapods for my birthday. I know I'm getting two the big and the small. And here's I can't wait to get them and use them to take all sorts of unique angled photos. Here's a few things I've seen that need to have some gorilla action. (Thanks for helping me pick a topic Kim).

10 Things I want to Hang/Attach/Tie my Gorillapod to:
  1. My Ceiling Fan
  2. The rear view mirror in Lou (my car)
  3. A lawn chair
  4. My office lamp
  5. Chain link fence
  6. Bicycle handle bars
  7. A Tree Or shrub either one I'm not that picky
  8. A shopping cart
  9. My purse (hopefully my new one but if I'm waiting for it to arrive the old will suffice).
  10. Fridge handle
I betchacan't wait to see these pictures...


Kim said...

I hope I get to be in some of the shots!!!!

Creative Frenzy said...

How FUN! those are wicked cool!! Can't wait to see what funky shots you'll get!
(From Scrapbookplayground)

Dawn said...

LOL, I had to go see what a GorillaPod was. AS soon as the pic came up, I remembered when KT was talking about it months and months ago. I know you'll get some GREAT shots using it!

rmeyfe said...

I got one of these shortly after I got my SLR and it is such a cool little thing!!

Jeanne said...

Are you going to turn your ceiling fan on when you shoot? LOL!

I got both sizes too. :)