Lunch with Kim is Fabulous! We went to Au Bon Pain today not really for my birthday but we can say it was for my birthday because Kim made me the cutest little container with birthday goodies inside and I'm sure everyone downtown was jealous (including the idiot that was trying to direct traffic very rudely). I know Ivan at Au Bon Pain was he thought Kim was quite the Martha Stewart (never mind that Kim probably doesn't like her, but the guy didn't know better). We had very tasty Thai Chicken Salads and some yummy breadsticks (please note we were able to resist these yummy looking chocolate covered strawberries - how I do not know). Thanks much for lunch Kim and thanks for the birthday goodies I cannot wait until our next outing together it's always a treat!

Happy Thrusday out there blogsters!


Jeanne said...

I want to live in Indy!! *sniff*

Stephanie said...

Im so jealous!!

Looks like you gals had fun!!


Dawn said...

You both look so good!