Dairy Deets!

Kim and I took another road trip adventure this weekend - to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm up in Northern Indiana. Kim brought along her girls Sammie and Syd and Kenzie (too keep Sammie occupied). It was a great drive and we made really good time. Our pal Janelle and her son, Nick met us there and our friend Jeanne (who had canceled ended up coming anyhow)! We were so glad to see everyone.

We saw a 4-D movie, wend on a bus tour had lunch at the Cheese Shoppe (yummy) !! I even drank milk (gulp). Then we went to the dairy barn and watch two cows be "borned" as sammie would say. One with assistant from a farm worker the other did it all on her own. It was a neat experience. They were both cute one was 80 lbs the other 92 lbs yikes! Then we ate some ice cream which I proceeded to get all over me (clearly I should get a cup not a cone when it's hot outside) - I was a bigger mess than the 5 year olds. Somewhere in there we played at the activity center/museum and learned how to milk cows and played this cow-culus game that Nick and Janelle won.

On the ride home we hit hobby lobby to get a few things for the Pink Retreat and we did some kind of convulted checkout where we had the little girls buy items so we could use lots of coupons! (hehe!) and I must have apologized to like 5 people behind us because we seemed so goofy.

It was a great time! Here's to another K&K roadtrip in the books. Kim where are we going next!

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