Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons why Jeanne Should NOT Convert to a Digital Scrapper

Thanks to Kim for helping me select a topic. Jeanne this one is for you while I loved your digital layout you should not convert and here's why.
10 Reasons Why Jeanne Should NOT Convert to a Digital Scrapper:
  1. Because there's no "digital" glue to eat!
  2. Digital Supplies can't clutter your bedroom.
  3. Kim and Katie won't be able to "borrow" supplies.
  4. If you convert what fun are retreats!
  5. Because ink goes good with your eyes.
  6. If you convert you won't be able to turn down my good advice.
  7. Because who else will keep the red duck adhesive people in business.
  8. There's no paint to get in your hair with digital layouts.
  9. Because I don't think I'd like digital idea book hammy downs.
  10. Because your BFFs say NO!


rmeyfe said...

But think of how many other crops you could have and all the locations you could go if all you have to do is take a laptop and not worry about the wind blowing away your supplies. I am seriously thinking free wifi from IHOP and scrapbooking would make a great pair!! LOL!!

Miss you girl!! And I tagged you too!!

Hope you are doing well!! :)

Jeanne said...

ROTFLMAO!!! I promise not to completely convert!!! Can please just play just a little???

Dawn said...

LOL! #10 should have been #1 ;)