Tuesday 10 - Hello Random List of Things

A Tuesday 10 in no particular order.  I hope you have a week full of things you love!
1. Carmel Apples - I think I want to make some soon with fun things like coconut on the outside and such.  Anyone know a good way to package?
2. Bri-town recently calling my studio "The Printing Press" - I love it.
3. I want to have a jazz lawn party sometime. Or at least get to go to the one in Governors Square, NY sometime.  (photo are from Rita Rose Photography).

 4. Soup Season!  Recipe for this random soup soon.
5. Thrifting - I LOVE it
6. This sign is fantastic and who doesn't love Ben? From Felt and Wine
7. The New Blogger Format (it's much happier on my iPhone)
8. Crisp Cool Days. 
9. Meeting new people. 
10. Finding money in my receipts stash - HOT.  It almost makes doing expenses worthwhile - ALMOST!


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thea said...

good 10! thanks!