Movie - My Idiot Brother

Went and saw "My Idiot Brother" or as I call it - "My brother's the idiot" as the movie for this month. (I went to see something in August although it was so un-memorable I never remembered to blog about it. Whoops!) SJ asked about seeing this before when Jackie and I were talking about movies but for some reason I kept telling him I wasn't interested. To give him some credit I should have listened.  This movie was funny.  It had a story that's not been played out a thousand times.  And I surprisingly to me it was NOT a movie with the type of slapstick comedy that I thought it was going to be.  I also really liked the cast, even the idiot british husband.  So here it is I'm admitting I was wrong and SJ you were right.   Anyhow Cute Movie!  Cute People!  Cute Humor!  Go see it!
Anyhow I'm glad we waited to see it at my new favorite theater in the Boston Metro area the Delux or whatever it was called.  It was so sparkly and clean, and I loved that they had hot dogs and beer.  I can't wait to return to eat in their restaurant.


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thea said...

Really? So do you recommend for old people like me too?