Weekend with Michele

So I stayed in New England last week and hung out with my friend Michele and her family and got together with some other friends as well as worked on making new friends.  Hurricane Irene put a damper on our big pool party plans but you know we made the most of it and had a good time anyhow.  Anyhow some of the highlights included...
  • Karaoke pre-weekend festivities
  • Several trips to Duncan Donuts (yes true new englanders go at least once a day) 
  • Reporting live from the beach pre-hurricane
  • Shopping in the Shoppity Shops in Newburyport
  • Scoring the record "Scandalous Songs for Nice Girls"
  • Big Man Fred telling Michele he was "leaving a knife since he didn't have a handgun" and then demonstrating how we could attack any looters
  • Jackie's apartment party
  • Meeting new BFFs (one who's a life is good model)
  • Swimming post hurricane
  • Getting to wear a hunting light on around in the power outage
  • Massive quantities of game playing
  • Candle light pizza
  • Imparting my Katieness on Michele's boys and miss jordan
  • And more...
Anyhow here are some snaps for some reason all those taken in portrait will not appear as such even though I edited them and saved them that way.  Oh well.
From one of our many trips to duncan for coffee/tea
Proof of the awesome Record that is now in my possession.  PS we were shopping in Newburyport, MA if you get the chance to go there - DO it's a great little place to visit. 
Me high-fiving this awesome hand chair.
Look at my rubber chicken change purse.  You know you want one.
Beers at Thirsty Whale.
Hurricane was making everyone close down.
We wandered around in ponchos and got people to take our photos even though it wasn't raining.

They we went to the ocean. (stay tuned to our "live report" from Plum Island)

Not sure if you can read the sign on this house.  But it says "test me irene"

We even got the kids to wear ponchos everywhere even though it wasn't raining.
Some of the damage done in the hurricane.
Notice all the debris in the pool. 

Proof the that living by candle-light must have been dreadful back in the day.
But it does allow us to rock cool headgear. 
While Michele's area was not really hit hard by the hurricane. My heart goes out to those in the coastal areas that were. Oh and Plum Island apparently was minor damage only. picasa

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thea said...

somehow you make the worst of times look fun!