Jockamo Pizza

We've been celebrating all sorts of stuff around here, because we're the type of folk that likes to celebrate.  The other night to celebrate Jono's promotion, to whatever it is that he really does, we went out on him of course.  He's made a list of all these places he wants to visit.  And so he picked one - this was Jockamo Pizza which is in Greenwood.  Service was great - shoutout to our server and the other staff that was helpful.  We had trouble deciding form all the awesome types of pizza, I think we almost ordered three kinds and at the last minute went with this.  I'm not entirely sure what this one was called but it's peppers, cheddar cheese, sausage, onions, and red sauce.  It was good but we would have preferred it with another kind of sauce something "spicer".   Jono liked it probably better than I or he was starving as he really put it away.  Anyhow if you are on the southside swing over to Jockamo's.



Michelle Ridgway said...

I do love a yummy Pizza! Woodfired vegetarian is my favourite.

thea said...

Hooray for celebrations! Congratulations to Jono!

Mandy Crandell said...

Jockamo Pizza is awesome!