Agusust Goals Recap

September is here.  Yikes that means that winter is coming.  Someone make us stay in Fall all winter.  I love fall so.  I decided not to make a new goals list for September because the list is a mile long and I don't want to be disappointed in the things not done.  So here's how I did in August.
  • Make the Free Spirit Jay McCarroll Quilt - about 1/3 done
  • Finish 2 things from Big List - I think I did 4 but I need to post about them still.
  • Make Pico (my tomatoes are ready)  - Done!
  • Dim Sum 
  • See three "big" things- Yes
Well I did 3/5 which is pretty good.  Even without goals - I will finish that quilt before the next IMQG meeting if it kills me. 

Enjoy September Folks!


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