iPhone Summer Lately

I haven't shared many iPhone photos lately. Probably because I've been working late and home rarely. This is series is so random.  Anyhow some are from the UP,  some from Jono's Birthday Weekend, Some are from random times out with people and some from things observed.  Enjoy!
For Jono's birthday we went to Kings Island i wish I had photos of lazy river instead i have this one of me being attacked by t-rex.
This was from an interesting spot we stopped off in near milwalkee it was a concrete sculpture park that was closed.
A quilt I'm making.
Baseball bats from Jono's Winning Birthday tournament
Jono and the eiffel tower (we also went to paris - well no not really).
North Hampton Brewery - let me recommend the Luv-40.
A sweet ride
Sexy carpet
My ghostly friend.
Rainbows at dusk I love this.
On the beach before the horsefly tried to get me.
Lita and I in the water
The Brickyard

Green Bay
Houghton - FYI it's "Where You Ought to Be"
It's also September.  I know what the???

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Mandy Crandell said...

Love these! Especially the T. Rex. :)