Cremona & Grandpa's

My weekend in DC started off with a trip to Cremona, where JJ and surprised our Deshler cousins with a pop-in to help with the grape harvest. I think they were glad to have us as this year was NOT easy picking because of the heat and the rain.  
Dylan, Andrew and Henry loaded up the truck with the grapes.
Uncle Andrew showing us a good looking bunch.
We weighed the grapes I let the others do the heavy lifted and just read the numbers off the scale and took pictures.
I always think the Concords are so pretty.

I picked these.  Obviously some of the rot needs to be removed.
JJ showing us his bunch
On the vine.  I think these are Seval or something.
Now this is a fine looking bunch - I have "non-blurry" versions of this but I can't get them off my iPhone.
After lunch at the vineyard which was lovely JJ and split to see Grandpa and Rachel.  On the list of things to do with them was inventory books.  Grandpa is giving away some of his book collection.  I scored a gem which I'm super excitied about the Chicago World's Fair Program from 1933.  We also looked thru Grandma's art.
I picked out this picture even though it's not competed.  I like it.
Chris and JJ liked this one although we forgot to take it out.  Gpa you'll have to save if for them.
Some of the books had original receipts in them like this. My grandma bought this book in 1946 for her college classes I'm assuming since it came from Dubois Book Store.

And here's my new Guidebook to the Fair.  I can't wait to "go to the fair" now.  FYI One of Grandpa's highlights from the fair was seeing a 6'7" giant.   It's kind of funny now but my grandpa was 6 feet and my brothers are 6'1", 6'4" and 6'6" - a family of giants.
Grandpa also gave me his vintage thremos's not photoed but I can't wait to use them. 



thea said...

let's see where to begin .. start with the I'm jealous, but that's my fault for living all the way on the left coast .. and in this family of giants there is one runt ..

Looks like a wonderful day of wining and booking. congrats on getting the books inventoried!

Anonymous said...

Bring your fair book and come visit us. Looks like you are busy as always! - nick