Ohio Cup - Columbus, Ohio

Over Labor day weekend. I went with Shawshank aka Shankopotomus aka Jono to see the Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball Tournament.  In comparison to last year when it was so cold I wished I had a winter coat this year it was HOT HOT HOT!  I thought the heat was ridiculous, it wore us out. Then Sunday it rained buckets but they still got two games in. But still the tournament was a good time.  Here's how the Indianapolis Blues - faired sorry I don't know the scores but well I feel accomplished to know the teams they played - 
Forest City BBC  - Tied with Blues
Hoover Sweepers - Beat the Blues
Cincinnati Buckeyes Lost to the Blues
Saginaw Old Golds Beat the Blues
Fulton Mules Lost to the Blues
Oh and Jen got to come to the game too.  With the whole "H" family.  I'm so glad we had extra umbrella's to shade her family because it was so sunny and hot.  Oh and just in case you don't follow Jen's blog her and Dave are having another little one sometime in November and she's just glowing.

There's Dave and Cohen.  Cohen was calling Shawshank - Shank Hippopotamus.  He also decided his vintage baseball nickname was Puck.

Oh look and there's Miss Lily
I love the Saginaw's Team Uniforms.

And here's a team photo from Saturday just before or after the big rainstorm.  Hip Hip Huzzah!


thea said...

looks like good times! nice team picture!

jen said...

i just asked the kids 'who is this?' and pointed to jono.... cohen says 'hippopatomus' lilly says 'shankapotomus' :)

Katie said...

LOL! I'll tell jono he looks like a hippo and see what he says.