Let's Go Thrifting!

Tish and I were twittering the other day and she mentioned needed some stuff for her upcoming booth.  I of course said "Let's Go Thrifting!"  We invited Rach and Saturday we got up really early and made it happen.  
It was a perfect day.  
We chatted.We had Maxine's Chicken and Waffles (shout out for sweet potato waffles with peach butter no syrup needed).
Rach found a motherload of fun dresses.  Who doesn't love a picnic table dress?
Tish knitted in the car.
That girl never stops making stuff (even more than me).
Rach contemplated turning this pillow case into a dress.
She opted not too.
We didn't really dig any deals at Midland antiques.
But I took the girls to a lot of my favorite thrifty stores.
We weeded thru the junk.
We got some sheets for new quilts. 
I found some new games.

We all cannot wait for slumber parties now.
Tish also found some adoreable dresses. 
And some one piece jumpers that look like Crowne Royal Track suits.
She didn't get it. 
One piece jumpers from the 70s are NOT flattering on any one I'm sure.
We also went to the yard sales in Lockerbie.
Tish scored these shelves for her booth making the whole point of the trip successful.
I passed up on this racy game "Condom Oneyum"
It was just too racy for me. ;o)
My favorite find of the day however was this gem. 
It's a Singer 221-1 Rotary Hook for Family Use
It doesn't work yet but it will soon
Oh and it's portable
And it cost $15
Which I think is a steal especially since the exact same model is being sold here for $200.
Came with all the parts and the box. 
I am in love.
I cannot wait to get her running
Rach and Tish let's go thrifting again soon
Best time ever and it cost less than $25 with breakfast


Rachael Adele said...

Best. Day. EVER! You didn't mention that you're the queen of the southeast side of Indianapolis. We really need a slumber party, complete with delivery pizza. And wine.

thea said...

Looks like a wonderful time! great sewing machine. I keep thinking I want to collect them. Even in my non-collecting state I have six -- counting the children's machine I got from Grandma.

Mandy Crandell said...

Looks like a great time! And I definitely still have that Girl Talk game. :)