This was my third week home.  We are in a groove with me being home so that is nice.  
Monday - we went to Dicks Last Resort, which could now be my LEAST favorite restaurant in Indy.  The prankster bit about the service was fine but the food horrible.
Tuesday - an apple seen on my daily run.
Wednesday - Eggplant.  This was day 2 of our fruit and veggie 3 day cleanse.  Eggplant is NOT my thing.
Thursday -  this is my to do list from the week.  Can anyone tell how I follow this?  
Friday - I went to girls night at Dustin's sisters -baby Elizabeth was there (she is Dustin's cousins baby).  She is such a good and adorable baby.
Saturday - Bethany's birthday at the lake.  
Sunday - found our new favorite ice cream spot in Indy WyliePalooza this might have been our 25th date night too. 

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