Summer is escaping I feel and I barely feel like it was here.  It was super nice Monday-Thursday and we didn't even use the a/c.  I was able to run every day last week and that was good too although my times were horrible, it was still exercise.  I also took almost no photos all week probably because I worked late most of the week.  But I still got at least one a day.
Monday - brewing a little tea (I have not had soda for two weeks today)
Tuesday - from my run. 
Wednesday - babysitting baby porter.  He's a cutie!
Thursday - another run photo.  
Friday - roadtrip to Michigan 
Saturday - we were in Detroit with the Indianapolis Blues, we all went out together after the game and I got to play a little ping pong with the mister.  (Ps for the record I am just as dreadful at ping pong as I am with many sports)
Saturday - The Blues took the Reserve Championship bracket at the World Series of vintage baseball.  It was a nail biting day of games but it was so much fun.  More about that later.

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thea said...

I know summer is almost gone and I've not done anything summery at all, except for one pool party and that was a work thing. Well the wedding will be here before we know it and then I can breathe... sorry you won't be here before the wedding to help with biscotti making. :(