Jono's Picnic blanket

Finally I finished this quilt I started over two years ago for Jono for Christmas.  I made quilts that year with pieces of our childhood picnic blanket it in - you might recall the giant chevrons, and the house quilt.  Anyhow this one and all it's small triangles was bound to kill me.  I am not a triangle quilter.  But I finished it.  I love the monochromatic prints together though.  Many of the prints were purchased at my favorite local shop Crimson Tate.  The faded blue with the flowers is our old blanket.  I also detest the dark navy fabric on the back it shows too many flaws. My machine was throwing a fit when with the quilting when I was using my walking foot.  When I switched to my regular it was fine - that's what I get trying to use the right foot.  
Anyhow Jono enjoy the birthday/Christmas present and many fun picnics to come!

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thea said...

What a great quilt! I'm sure Jono will love it.