Vintage Baseball - World Tournament

This past weekend we traveled to Dearborn, Michigan for the World Series of Vintage Baseball.  This is much fun around here because this tournament at Greenfield Village is bracket play and one loss moves you to reserve bracket and two and you are out out.  Kathleen joined the Rooster and I because she's as big of a vintage baseball fan as we are.  She and I even made matching hoodies.  
The Blues started out the tournament strong beating out the nationals.  Rooster hit some pretty sweet hits to start off the day as well.  Kathleen and I also started out the day right by getting lectured from the ref about our loud cheering.  
The blues then played the Columbus Capitals in a nail biting game - where the Blue led right up to the 8th inning.  It was a hard loss.

Then the Blue moved to the Reserve championship bracket and had to play the Lah De Dahs which they won rounding out the first day of baseball.  After the games we all went out for pizza, pool and ping pong.

Sunday the Blues started out the morning with another Match up against the Nationals.  It was another nail biting game in which Hawkeye hit the go ahead runner in in the 10th inning with a power hit that would have been a Homerun in normal baseball.  It was quite priceless especially coming off Hawkeyes dry hitting spell.

Then the in the Reserve Championship finals the Blues were neck and neck with the Unknowns for most of the game, although the blues carried a slight lead, but were tied up going into the last inning.  Again the last inning rabbit hit the go ahead runner in to give the blues the reserve championship title.  Huzzah!
Throughout the day people around us kept commenting on how "surprised" they were that the Blues did as well as they were (those folks should just keep their mouths shut clearly they just don't know how good the Blues are).  Although one of the players on the nationals told me a nice compliment about Rooster so that made it better.  Anyhow it was a good weekend and its always nice to come home with a piece of "hardware" and in vintage baseball terms that means fancy pottery.  Huzzah!  We look forward to the next big tournaments.

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Congrats to the Blues!!