WyliePalooza Ice Cream Emporium

I have a new favorite ice cream spot in Indy.  Lately everything has been all about the soft serve with all these yogurt places popping up here and there.  Well I myself am a fan of hard ice cream.  Yep that's right.  If I get to pick I would pick a hard ice cream over soft any day.  I also don't give a hoot about chocolate ice cream but all that is another story.  So we found this place in Irvington called WyliePalooza Ice Cream Emporium.  That serves hard ice cream (and bubble tea).  Oh and did I mention its good?  I got their mint chocolate chip explosion (or whatever it was called) and peanut butter cookie dough (pbcd). Two scoops was way too much but the pbcd was scrumptious and the mint was also good.  Dusty had a coffee and peanut butter shake which he enjoyed as well.  
The place is also super cute and has a little shop that sells all kinds of fun things, and has a pinball machine.  
Anyhow if you are in Irvington you should pop in and check them out.  


thea said...

hard ice cream can also be called "hand dipped".

Mandy Crandell said...

So, so cool! I can't eat ice cream, but I can try the bubble tea!