Girls nights grown up picnic

My five weeks home are expiring Monday!  :(. So I wanted to get together with my girls before my only days are Saturday and Sunday again.  I thought it would be fun to do a grow up picnic on the canal.  So that's what we did.  Everyone brought a dish and we met up on the canal in a nice spot amongst the trees and in the grass.  I brought some champagne and someone else brought some "mixers". And we ate and drank champagne mixers and chatted it up about everything and nothing until it was too cold to be outside.  It was a fantastic night and way to spend time with friends.  
It was also great to be reminded of the blessing the last 5 weeks has been both to my friendships and marriage and really to my sanity.  

PS some of my friends were not interested in having their pictures taken but I did anyway but my friends who eat it up I completely forgot to snap photos of after they arrived.  DOH!  Next time next time.

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