P & C get married

So this weekend we took a trip to Northern California for my cousins wedding.  It was a fun quick trip. Although as always it's never long enough.  Dustin really enjoyed California and the Wagner family.  He already is ready to pack up our indiana life for CA.  (I think he's smitten).
This was our sixth wedding this year and we still have one more to go!  
Anyhow it was great to celebrate with Family.  their wedding was outdoors at a country club then inside reception.  The venue was very lovely and the flower by the brides mom awesome.  The handmade biscotti excellent.  I loved that the wedding party was almost entirely composed of siblings of the bride and groom - not many people can say that.   It was beautiful and it seemed much like them lots of class with a little Paul and Carolina sass.  Here's a few of the many snaps I took.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs may your marriage be blessed.

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