Crafty Project - #babyburf mobile

I originally was going to make a mobile from Pom poms but then I couldn't find the right blue.  So I switched to perhaps a leather craft, but again I couldn't find green and leather is a wee but pricey.  So after pretty much giving up on the idea the baby would have a mobile.  I crafted him one from foam and string and these metal rings that were from my grandmas stash.  Total cost was like $4 for the foam.
The foam I just freehanded triangles from and used the already provided sticky to stick two sides together and ahere the string.  Then strings were tied onto the rings and I wrapped the ring in more string (this was the most annoying part).  I used two rings one slightly smaller and just tied those together in the center.  Relatively simple.  It's not perfect but it matches so well and it's another little addition to his room that I crafted.
I also love his perspective from under neath.  Hopefully he enjoys looking at it.
Oh and let's cross off craft project #3 from my list.

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