Favs on Friday - Yellow

Today my favorite thing is Yellow.  I got in early today - heck yes! And then they gave me this ridiculous yellow car - which I'm totally loving and then I saw my yellow tulips which did not grow last year but did this year.  Yellow is just so spring!  See more favorites here
PS- Fun stuff happening this weekend (as usual) however pending ridiculous work I'm hoping to blog more regularly this week.


thea said...

great yellows! gotta love the car!

Amanda said...

Yellow is the colour of spring great FTF

Kate said...

Love the pink shoes with the yellow tulips!

Shay said...

Yellow is such a spring colour I think. I love the yellow of the car too. What kind of car is that and is it a compact?

I'm glad Spring is finally showing it's face for you ...guess that means we're officially having Autumn here.