Two Months Down

Not to check February off like a to do item but it's done. It was even busier and flew by faster than January. 
In February... 
I did new things
I perfected old things
I ran
I smiled a lot 
I stayed up way too late talking on the phone with friends
I cried 
I laughed 
I missed my MA people
I cherished my IN people
I bought new running shoes
I documented life
I went to coffee shops 
I still don't drink coffee
I had girlfriend time x 10
I worked a lot
I made time for not working
I was content 
I was fidgety
I enjoyed the super bowl
I loved my super city
I spent over half the month at home 
I spent the other half in the Silicon Valley
I went to the beach
I saw quilts
I hung out with the Wagners
I loved February
That was February it's over and done time to "March On". 

Anyhow here's a quick Da List update:
I only completed 1 item officially:
  • #12 Visit Thea and Paul 
In Progress:
  • #2 Study the Bible More
  • #11 Run 366 Miles - Today was 95 for the year (INSANE)
  • #22 Monthly Hikes with Momo
  • #35 Spring Break Montreal - Dates picked
  • #44 10 Crafty Projects
  • #47 Document Life
  • #50 Read a Book a Week
  • #51 Monthly Videos
(Photos are random snaps from February)

1 comment:

thea said...

You are making progress. Sounds like an incredible month.