San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum

One of the places I have visited while here in the Silicon Valley is the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum.  It's not a very large museum but it was worth a trip to check it out at least once.   
The main exhibit was from Quilt National I think and it featured many modern quilts which I was happy to see.   Also featured were quilts made by the local women's shelter and and some artsy quilts.    I found it interesting most of the quilts in the main exhibit featured solid fabric, hand dyed, or painted.  There was very few actual print.   Anyhow here are some of the photos...
I am not a fan of hand dying but I did like the quilting and piecing in this one.
 This one was white on white but check out this intense quilting.  I wish the photo was better so you could get the full effect.
 I loved this little skinny striped pieces to this gridlike design.
 This quilting was also awesome. 
 This one the fabrics are all hand painted.  I'm not really into painting fabric but I to like the use of improv piecing here.
 This one isn't actually half square triangles but the design could be achieved in the same manner.
 Rachael this reminds me of your tiny triangle project. 
 More interesting improv piecing the quilting on this was also insane every like 1/3" - which defeats the purpose of using this as a blanket but whatever.
Anyhow if you live in the area or are traveling here you might check it out but as a TIP it's $8 to get in or free the first Friday of every month.

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