Bird Quilt for Sara quilt #3

Over a year ago my Aunt Thea and I decided we needed to make my cousin Sara a quilt.  Sara and her family opened her house and life up to us for several months back in 2010 and several times since then.  Well we finally did!  Better late than never.  I hope Sara loves it.
I wanted to use a fabric I had from grandma's stash and I found this awesome bird print it's the "brown".  We mixed it with several other bird prints and found a "pattern" to hack from pinterest.  And away we went.  I rather like how it turned out even though these weren't exactly my colors.  I do however love how the Ikea orange print worked with the other prints.  Anyhow I love how it turned out and quilt #3 of 2012 is done.

This is the quilt that was "hacked" it's from the house that stash built.  We reversed the prints and the white.
More photos found on Thea's blog.


thea said...

thanks for doing this quilt with me!

Anna said...

I liked how you took another person's idea and made it your own so that you didn't really copy it!