Never Say Never and/or Yes That's Right

When I wrapped up my last assignment in Massachusetts - I didn't exactly say Mass and I were thru but it felt like it was the end of an era.  I said my goodbyes I made plans to not return but rendezvous with my friends outside of New England.   I left knowing my next big assignment would take me elsewhere - it was a done deal.  Well hah! Sometimes that's not how it works.  And sure enough I am back although it's a different project,  different tool, different faces, a different experience.  When I first found out I was disappointed (I'm not really sure why) but I'm not anymore - it's supposed to be a short stay here  and I've already made 10 new friends and seen another 10+ of my old friends.   So it's been good. 
As much as I was fighting it I think this assignment is exactly what God wanted for me.  I wasn't supposed to take that other job.  This is exactly the right amount of challenge, with exactly the right amount of fun.  My passion for being on the road is renewed and I look forward to enjoying the next few weeks in the Boston Area.  
(PS the photos were all taken on my iPhone the last two weeks I took a handful of others that I might have accidentally deleted although all my photos are sorted funny so maybe not).

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thea said...

Glad you are feeling good about being where you are supposed to be.