To the Beach

Thea and I went to the beach the other day.  It was a lovely day a bit too cold for swimming but this is northern California if it had been about 15 degrees warmer outside and I had my suit I would have gone in though - seeing as it's no different than Maine or UP water.  We went to a Pescadero Beach which is just along Rt 1 and we too some road thru the mountains to get there which was a beautiful drive.   It was nice to just put my toes in the sand and water on the Pacific especially since I know I'll see the Atlantic soon.  We saw TONs of jelly fish which really just looked like clear jello - I almost didn't really think they were jelly fish but I wasn't going to touch it and see.

 The water was also kind of sudsy in areas although I'm not sure why.
 The shoreline reminded me a bit of Rhode Island or Dover but not really the same except for the cliffs.



thea said...

It was a pretty day, wasn't it?!

Mandy Crandell said...

The drive sounds wonderful! I'm curious as to why the water was so sudsy too. Strange.


Anna said...

The jelly fish remind me of going to the Chesapeake Bay as a teenager and stepping on them and of course being stung by them.