Happy St. Patrick's Weekend!

I was home this weekend and it was GORGEOUS.   Lita came to town to hang out with us and we got together with some friends.  The whole weekend the weather was literally like summer in March.  So we spent a good deal of the weekend outside and it was AWESOME - my sunburn didn't even last.  We played ladderball down by the river, ate dinner outside on the patio, we wore green, went to the st. patty's day festival, there was soccer and football in the war memorial mall, we walked to the yogurt shop.  I was reminded that any coordination/athleticism I have has gone out the window with my 20's.  It didn't last nearly long enough before I had to catch a flight out of town but it was - Good times. 
(all photos were taken on either mine or Jono's iPhone - thank goodness for the instagram app).  


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thea said...

nice pictures. I especially like the diner and the firetruck shot. looks like you had a great weekend.