2014 Project Life Cover Page

I'm pretty excited to finally have started this year's Project Life.  I actually printed these photos like 1/11 with big plans to make my cover page a few weeks ago.  It never happened.  But I did do a lot of prep-work for 2014 Project Life like pre-printing cards.  I also splatter painted these for fun.   I created a sequin pocket filled with white sparkle sequins sealed closed with washi tape.  This is also a trimmed sleeve sealed with washi as well.  I used some cards from the Sunshine kit.  Added a few Thickers from like 2009, and ribbon and boom it's done, cover page for 2014.  Photos are from our big 12 inch snowstorm day.   
Kathleen and I also got a whole bunch of loot at the nearby closing Archiver's which we intend to share to make our 2014 Project Life pages together.  Should be fun!

A few things about my Project Life 2014 – 

  • I’m continuing to use the kits and sleeves I already have although I’m not planning on having any be 12x12. It’s just too big and bulky. My cover page is BH PL A sleeve and I just sliced off the last 3 inches. I closed up the open pockets with washi tape and it’s now 12x9. I am thinking this will be my standard go to size however I do know I want to continue to use the baseball card sleeves with the 9 pockets/page these are 8.5x11 and will likely also have some 12x6 pages mixed in there. 
  • I have note found an album yet but have put this into just a plain old work binder for safe keeping for now.  
  • I’m NOT documenting each week individually. Some weeks are just plain dull, while I might use a print from each week and possibly some notes/story on each week I’m not interested in the 52 weeks it just gets to be too hard to keep up.  Instead I’ll probably have several pages for each month. 
  • I went ahead and pre-printed monthly Erika Eagle's calendars for each month, as well as Elise’s quote cards to include throughout the book. Sometimes I’ll alter these, like I did here and sometimes I’ll leave them as is. I think they will help unite the whole book. 
  • I hope to find other free printables that work for me to add into the mix. I also hope to keep creating themselves like the Burford, let’s do this and 2014 cards seen here on the cover page. I think they help personalize this a little more. 
  • I may decide that I want to do a PL baby book too. Although I don’t mind if PL2014 becomes overwhelmingly baby because our family is changing this year so it’s likely to happen.



thea said...

I like your changes to project life .. I was wondering what you were going to do this year.

Kim said...

Just in case you forgot...I love you! :) I need to get back to some type of scrapping and use up all this fun stuff I have a room full of! :)