January -14 on 14

Since I am not doing a Photo a day this year I thought I might mix it up a bit and still try and document the everyday another way so instead I am taking 14 photos on the 14th of each month.  
My first adventure in this yesterday I almost failed, but JJ reminded me about 9:30 and thus my remaining 4 photos got taken.  As I review these my life seems really dull on a Tuesday when I work late from home and Dustin works late.  And the highlights were folding laundry,  finishing a quilt top, and finding a Lincoln wheat penny.  Real party animals here I tell you.  
Here are the 14.
1 - My breakfast V8 fruit/veg juice and multigrain Cheerios.
2 - my laptop work.
3 - prenatal vitamins and calcium the gummy variety (my doctor has me terrified I don't get enough calcium and the baby get enough but it will rot out my teeth you.  Pregant people you need 3 cups of calcium a day).
4 - lunch break quilting
5 - actual lunch eaten - salad with eggs, apples, walnuts & other goodies oh and calcium in cheese (because I am scared).
6 - folding laundry these towels are white I swear.
7 - my mismatched socks and the afghan on the floor
8 - Dustin's sushi from dinner
9 - Milk (told you I am terrified I tell you).
10 - Lincoln wheat penny found in my pocket circa 1920.
11 - post face wash crazy face
12 - Bedtime iPad reading here I come.
13 - married people share a pillow.  Well really I just creep in on his space.
14 - goodnight.  Ps I am pretty sure he told me to turn off my iPad several times. (Who can blame him when I position it on his chin and shoulder).
That's a wrap!  Hopefully 2/14 will be more interesting at least it's valentines day.  


thea said...

Nice group of pictures. Everyday life is still interesting. Any pictures of the quilt top?

Mandy Crandell said...

You have great skin! I really like these everyday photos.